Residential Pest Control – Can You Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

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Step-by-Step Method to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Yourself

Use rubbing alcohol and a brush to kill and eliminate the bed bugs yourself. You apply the alcohol to the brush and scrub away all the visible bed bug eggs. The alcohol will kill the new and old eggs that are visible. As the alcohol seeps into the mattress, it will effectively kill bed bug eggs embedded in the fibers of your mattress.

You may also use ammonia, alcohol, and moth balls by mixing them. When you mix them in a spray bottle, they create a special solvent that will aid you in being able to get rid of bed bugs yourself. Once these items are mixed, if the bed bugs are in your bed or any furniture item, take all coverings off. You spray down your bed with the mixed substances in the bottle (including corners and the underside of the bed).

While getting rid of bed bugs, you want to make sure you take the proper precautions. A box of disposable gloves and a mask are essential items before you should attempt to get rid of bed bugs yourself. When doing this process, make sure to wear a mask. Ammonia is a powerful chemical. If you inhale too much ammonia, you can get ammonia poisoning. More on this website:

Separate the items that may be exposed to bed bugs (clothes, sheets, etc.) and wash them in extremely hot water. Bed bugs perish in hot environments. They love body temperature. That is why they are mostly found in beds and sofas because they are attracted to your body heat.

You can eliminate bed bugs by exhaustively steaming your clothes, comforters, and sheets. Also, make sure to steam any stuffed animals. All these items have areas where these bed bugs can hide. They may like body heat, but any heat more than that kills them or does not attract them.

Another way to get rid of bed bugs is by vacuuming all mattresses, walls, and carpets. Ensure all mattress corners are vacuumed for bed bugs since they may be hidden in the seams and edges.

Steaming your carpets after vacuuming can also be used to get rid of bed bugs. Care must be taken to get the corners and edges of walls. Properly seal any cracks in your floors and walls. If you live in an apartment, bed bugs can move from one apartment to the next through seals and cracks.

To completely ensure that you did get rid of bed bugs yourself, empty your dressers, and inspect your sofas, cushions, pillows, and chair arms to check for bed bugs or their eggs closely.

Bed bugs love coming out at night, so if you feel a bite, be sure to have a flashlight. When you point to the area where you were bitten, the bed bug usually tries to crawl away because of the light. Look in the direction of where it is crawling back, but before he fully gets away, make sure you kill it.

If you are inspecting your furniture and still see more bed bugs, you are either not doing the process properly or you may need to throw away the furniture infested with the bed bugs immediately.

Based on this process, you can get rid of bed bugs yourself. Yes, it may take time, but it works. The thing about bed bugs is when one area is being cleaned out, they move to other spots, so be sure to spray places that aren’t even infested with the bed bugs.

You may be a bit skeptical about using the ammonia, but if you do use the process, including the ammonia, be sure to stay out of the area in which you use the ammonia for about an hour. That way you cannot inhale it. You may even leave your house for a couple of hours. Remember, the ammonia is mixed with alcohol and mothballs and isn’t just sprayed without anything. That may decrease the risk of getting ammonia poisoning.

Note that this process can take some days and will not completely get rid of the bed bugs in one day. Because this is a DIY method and a natural process, you must be patient but by following these tips, you will benefit in the end in your decision to get rid of bed bugs yourself.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs Yourself Naturally

• Someone’s bed & home is infested and will be expensive to fix

• The home is dirty.

• It is contagious.

Those who assume these ideas may turn their nose up at a person who is exposed to bed bugs. In fact, most of these assumptions are myths. When hearing the word “Bed Bugs”, do not automatically assume those misconceptions.